Coastal Radiation Oncology Medical Group
world-class cancer care has a local address.

For Cancer Patients

Advanced Cancer Treatment in Your Community

After a cancer diagnosis, patients are faced with decisions about traveling for cancer treatment, choosing qualified physicians, and figuring out how best to fight their disease while trying to live a normal life.

Sometimes the best cancer treatment options are right in one’s own backyard. Coastal Radiation Oncology Medical Group provides the same advanced radiation therapies, expert medical staff, and high-quality cancer care as many university and destination treatment clinics. Coastal cancer treatment centers are located close to home so patients can continue going about their lives without the interruption of long-distance travel or being away from home, family or friends for extended periods of time.

Coastal Radiation Oncology Medical Group is truly world-class cancer care with a local address.  For most patients, the combination of state-of-the-art treatment options, expert care and local convenience is exactly what they need to fight cancer and have a positive outlook.