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Cancers are commonly treated with radiation therapy.  The technology we use and the number of treatments depends on how advanced the cancer is (stage) and what type of symptoms you have (if any).


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  • Conditions Treated With Radiation Therapy

    Radiation therapy is one of the three main forms of treatment for cancer.  


    It works by disrupting the DNA or the instruction manual of human cells which prevents cancer cells from making copies of themselves.  

    Approximately 60% of patients who receive a cancer diagnosis will have radiation therapy included in their treatment plan at some point in their diagnosis.  This can be at the beginning of a diagnosis when a treatment cure is being sought (definitive radiation) or it can also be used when a cancer spreads to a different part of the body and is causing a symptom (palliative radiation)


    Radiation therapy is not visible and does not hurt when it is delivered.  It is an invisible energy beam that is pointed in a very accurate way at the center of a tumor or target area.  


    Radiation may be used on it's own (ex: early-stage lung or prostate cancer) or can be used together with surgery and/or chemotherapy for other types of cancers (ex: head & neck or esophageal cancer).


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  • More Information

    Please click on one of the disease sites listed below to learn more about how radiation therapy is used to treat a variety of cancers and benign conditions.

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