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Covering Radiation Therapy

Insurance Information for Patients

Radiation therapy is a complex treatment consisting of many tasks performed by a number of people. In this way, it is similar to other specialized medical treatments such as major surgery. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of the radiation therapy; however, if you do not have insurance, or have only limited insurance, please discuss your situation with our physicians so your case can be reviewed.

Charges for radiation oncology typically include:

  • Physician’s fee, which includes consultation and review of your records

  • Treatment planning (determining the method and dose of radiation utilized)

  • Field settings (determining the area to treat with specials x-rays or scans)

  • Daily therapy (management and supervision of your daily treatments)

  • Verification films (to verify that the correct area is being treated)

  • Special blocks (custom-fabricated or generated blocks used for blocking the area not treated).

  • Use of equipment and supplies


Be sure to provide us information on all your insurance policies including cancer policies. We will file all of these for you.

Insurance Plan Coverage

Coastal Radiation Oncology Medical Group has contracted with a large number of insurance providers and plans including Medicare and Medicaid. Please speak with the center staff for more information and a full list of covered plans. For more information on insurance or billing, please speak with center staff at the location near you.

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